The Shootout

We haven't made a blog post in a long time. We have been busy getting ready for the DSM Shootout hosted by Buschur racing in Ohio. We just got back and Kevin won his Pro Rwd Class! Here is his recap:

I haven't even had time yet to digest it all, but what an awesome shootout. It started off a bit rough with track conditions Friday, rain Saturday, and some shenanigans in the lanes Sunday, but ended up being one of the most exciting Shootouts I can remember. Aaron's 7 second pass, Kiggly setting multiple new bests down to 8.0s, tons and tons of really close heads up races, running past midnight under the lights, new records being set, it was awesome. Too much to list.

My car did well for a new setup. We just chucked that motor and IC setup in the car over the last week, after a meth backfire on the dyno a few weeks prior sent most of the previous setup into low earth orbit. If I have to rebuild it, I'm going to try something different 9 times out of 10. Got ~6 runs on it, data looks good, but there is lots more work to do. It ran a string of 8.30s with pretty low boost, 45-50 psi. I did try to raise the boost every pass but it wasn't cooperating. There's some work to do there. And the exhaust smoke after every pass is a crank case ventilation problem, which is easy to fix. The new setup was spooling up very quickly despite the change back to e85, and aside from an accidental double bulb against the conquest staging was a breeze. I love this setup. Now that the big race is over, I'm looking forward to getting the car back on our dyno at Six Sigma Tuning and sorting out the last few details.

I want to congratulate everyone that ran this weekend and did well, it's always so nice to see all of you guys and see you setting new bests and winning your classes. But especially the New England DSM guys. Despite not running many new personal bests, it was another great year for us. Matt Arruda, Nick Stack and I were the top three qualifiers in RWD, and we finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Katie Lotsberg fought through some issues with the compound turbo 2g and did well, Ryan Pelletier did an awesome job racing my Mighty Max and set some bests for it, a bunch of other NEDSM guys raced and did well, and many others came out to support us all. We really do have the best group of racers anyone could ask for, and they deserve that Boostie Award.

I have to thank Katie Lotsberg, Eric Rose, Chad Saindon, Jason Munson,Isabelle Knobel, and Solitaire Miller for tirelessly working on all of our cars this weekend and for weeks leading up to it, trailering cars, etc. We have a hell of a team. And all of the companies that make kick ass parts that make this level of tom foolery possible. Fuel Injector Clinic, Rad Auto Machine,Kiggly Racing, Forced Performance Turbochargers, FFWD Connection,Magnus Motorsports, Race Ready Fab, Anthony Apuzzo Jr for the trans work, Thomas Dorris at ECMlink, and Buschur Racing and Summit Motorsports Park for hosting this great event. Track conditions were good and the staff worked hard to keep conditions safe despite all of the oil downs.

Can't wait for next year.


Here is a video put together by Martin Lotsberg of all the Six Sigma Tuned cars at the shootout: 


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