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We have a 1500hp 2WD Dynomite Axle Hub Dyno.


For those that want to just use our dyno and do their own tuning, bring their own tuner, or use their own remote tuner (WiFi is available).

Rates are $100/hr per car (minimum one hour, after the first hour, we bill in 30 minute increments). 

We also offer 3 pulls with air-fuel ratio for $100.

Half day (4 hr) and full day (8 hr) discounts available at $350 and $700 respectively.

We can currently accommodate the following lug patterns*:

4 x 100mm, 4 x 108mm, & 4 x 114.3mm

 5 x 4-1/2", 5 x 4-3/4", & 5 x 5

5 x 100mm, 5 x 114.3mm, & 5 x 120mm

5 x 110mm, 5 x 112mm, & 5 x 130mm

5/8ths studs can usually be accommodated if they are less than 0.690 at the shoulder and only in 5x5.75" pattern at this point. 

Narrowed rear ends present a problem if the dyno can't reach the hubs, please mention this when you contact us if you have a narrowed rear axle. 


*Please email for other lug configurations. We can order custom adapter as well!

 We are conveniently located in LaRue Ohio. 

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