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Update 12/2022:  I am still taking ECMlink remote tunes only. I rarely check the email address however, your best bet is to find me on FB Messenger (Kevin Jewer) where 99% of tunes are done.  If you don't have FB, just be aware that responses will be delayed on email.


Update 2023 - Dyno tuning is available in Springfield MO on a Mainline 3000 hp hub dyno, but you must be able to dyno in 2wd mode, typically with a welded center diff.  

Remote tuning is offered primarily for ECMlink equipped vehicles. 

NOTE!  You own your own tune! What this means is that it is up to you to drive the tune forward by sending logs. I can not try to drag logs out of people. There is never any pressure from me to get a log quickly, take as long as you need, but we're at a standstill until you send it. Don't be offended if I don't ask for it. You have one tune to worry about, I have dozens at one time. If you don't hear from me in 24 hrs message me again to be sure your message didn't get marked read or not show up for some reason. 


General Info

There is some debate about remote tuning on the internet and social media. Some feel it works fine, while others feel it can't possibly result in a good tune. The reality is that both extremes are possible. Some cases lend themselves well to remote tuning, while others are inherently difficult and should probably be avoided. 



Things that help to result in a good remote tune:

  • An owner that is at least familiar with the software in use, the mechanical and electrical setup of the car, and computers in general. People that struggle with taking datalogs, saving files, sending files in email, etc, are bound to struggle with remote tuning. 

  • A tuner that is comfortable remote tuning. It takes a lot of time and practice to become comfortable tuning a car you can't see or touch. Some tuners specialize in this, some won't touch it, and some fall somewhere in between. 

  • A car that really just needs a tune. It should be built properly, set up properly, and have no major mechanical issues. All of the same things that apply to normal dyno tunes apply to remote tunes as far as preparation goes. 

  • A tuning system that has an excellent logger. This is essential for getting good data to someone that can't be with the car, since that data is often all that is use to make tuning decisions. Some systems just have piss poor loggers and are not well suited to remote tuning. 

  • Access to private roads, race tracks, or dynos. WOT testing will need to be done safely and legally. 



Things that can make remote tuning difficult or impossible:

  • Bizarre setups. Some unusual or exotic setups really need to be tuned in person. 

  • Standalones can be difficult to tune remotely due to the complexity of the ECU, and the sheer number of tables and functions that need tuning, especially on complicated setups. These cars can be time consuming to tune in person, remote tuning can take ages. Good base maps for a given application really help here, but that limits us to certain applications for which I have them developed.

  • Cars that are just not quite finished, or have a lot of mysterious problems. All to often people think that everything can be fixed with a tune, when in reality a tune (remote or otherwise) simply can not fix mechanical issues with the car. In many cases, remote tuning turns into remote troubleshooting, which can be difficult and frustrating for both the owner and the tuner, depending on each person's level of knowledge and ability. 

  • Time constraints. It's often difficult for both the tuner and the owner to be tied to the laptop at the same time. I prefer to simply exchange files as we each have time. Prompt replies speed the process up, naturally. But this allows me to work on remote tunes in between jobs at the shop and evenings/weekends, which lets me keep costs down for remote tunes. 



ECMlink Remote Tunes

For ECMlink remote tunes, the cost is $300, and the process is simple. Send a message through email or FB messenger to start the process. Once we agree that we can go forward with the tune the customer will send payment and follow the checklist linked to below. I'll send base maps, and we'll then exchange log files and settings files until the tune is done. Every ECMlink log automatically includes the settings files, which is one reason ECMlink lends itself so well to remote tuning. Its logger is also excellent. I'm happy to provide some level of troubleshooting as issues present themselves during the tune, but ideally the car will be ready to tune with no mechanical/electrical issues. I'm also happy to provide setup advice and discuss your options for making the car faster and more reliable. 

For various reasons I do not use Teamviewer or similar applications to take over your laptop. I could go on for hours about this, but in short, all tunes are done through file exchange only. It really does work much better this way in my experience. With Teamviewer, we have to both be available at the exact same time, many times an issue with the car pops up and a lot of time is wasted, and during this time I can't work on anyone else's tune or other jobs I have to do. With file exchange, we each send files as we have time to. If there is an issue with the car, you're free to work on it with no pressure to rush it. I might be looking at tune files at 2am, while you can only make pulls while the kids are gone from 6-7pm. In many cases we may both be available at the same time and a whole tune can be done in one day on a good car, in other cases we chip away at it over a week or two. No pressure. File exchange lets me help as many people as possible and keep the cost low for the customer. As a side benefit, the customer is going to learn a lot more this way and get much more comfortable using ECMlink. 

Please note that there will be no refunds on tunes if you give up on your car, break your transmission, need to move, break up with your girlfriend, get kicked out of your mom's basement, decide to let your buddy try it, change hobbies, lose your job, or go back to school. Be sure you're ready to commit to the tune before contacting me. If you want me to be available for a whole day to dyno or track tune the car it will be one million dollars. If you want to talk to me on the phone about basic shit for 90 minutes, it will be one million dollars. 


People often ask what my level of experience is with ECMlink. Most people know me for my RWD Talon that I've been racing since 2008, but I was tuning DSMs before ECMlink came out in 2002. I got my start in 1999 when I bought my first DSM. I have ~21 years experience with ECMlink, and have tuned hundreds of DSMs over that time (remote tunes, street tunes, track tunes, and dyno tunes). The bulk of my experience is with these cars, and I've dealt with a vast variety of combinations (compound turbos, nitrous, flex fuel, intercooled and non-intercooled methanol, upstream/pre-compressor injection, RWD swaps, ECMlink in EVOs, etc). I've run ECMlink into the 7 second ET range on my own car and to well over 1000 whp. All of this experience, combined with a lot of science and math, allows me to be quick and efficient at remote tuning DSMs, and everything I've learned over the years goes into each tune. That said, I don't know everything. I'm always happy to learn new things, and to share whatever knowledge I have with my customers. This is a big part of why I enjoy doing this every day. 



For DSM remote tunes, please follow our checklist first here. This should take 1-2 hours for most people with some DSM knowledge and tools, longer if problems are found that need to be corrected. 90% of people say they've already run through this checklist, but for some reason have not even done step 1. :o)  It really is worth following carefully and doing every step in order. This checklist is meant to help anyone set up their car, but if you're doing a tune with me most of the ECU setup steps will be done in your base maps of course. Naturally, I can not set up things like your throttle body adjustments remotely. That should be obvious. The tuning process will be easier with fewer delays, and the end result will be better for you if you complete the checklist. And things like base timing being incorrect can easily result in a blown engine and destroyed hopes and dreams. Any questions on any of the steps, by all means feel free to ask for clarification. I am happy to help with this, even before payment is sent. 

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